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Treaty Of Edirne

1806- 1812 Ottoman Russia War and the Treaty of Bucharest

The wars started during the reign of Selim III continued also during the reign of Mahmut II. The wars ended with the “Treaty of Bucharest” in 1812.According to the treaty;

Russia acquired Bessarabia

Russia forced the concession of authority to Serbia

Romania (Eflak & Bogdan) were ceded to the Ottomans

The river of Prut became a border between the parts

1828-1829 ottoman-Russia War and the Treaty of Edirne (Adrinaple)

As the consequence of French Revolution of 1789, the stirrings of nationalism among the empire’s subject people occurred during the nineteenth century. The Greek War of Independence in 1821-1829 was supported both morally and materially by Russia, France and Britain. The allied fleet destroyed the fleets of the Ottomans and Egypt at the Battle of Navarin in 1827. The ottomans’ request of indemnity was responded as the declaration of war by Russia. Adrinaple, Kars and Erzurum were captured by the Russians. The “Treaty of Edirne (Adrinaple)” was signed in 1829 with the Ottomans request. According to the treaty;

Greece gained its dependence

Ottomans accepted Serbia’s autonomy

Ottomans agreed to pay war indemnity

Russian merchant ships gained access to Bosphorus and Dardanelles and had rights to make business in the Ottoman lands

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