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Sultan Selim 2

SELIM II (1566 – 1574)

After the death of Suleyman I on the campaign to Zigetvar Castle, Sheyzade Selim came to Istanbul and held the throne. He rejected to give “culus” baksheesh which was customary to the Janissaries. The revolt of janissaries surpassed by Sokullu Mehmet Pasha, the grand-vizier of the Ottomans governing since Suleyman I‘s reign, who also played an important role during the reign of Selim II.

The Conquest of Cyprus (1571)

Venetian Cyprus was in a very strategic point for securing the trade roads of Egypt, Syria, Anatolia and east Mediterranean. In spite of Grand-vizier Sokullu Mehmet Pasha’s unwillingness to capture the island, fearing the European countries’ union against the Ottomans, Selim II positioned the vizier Lala Mustapha Pasha for the conquest. The island was taken after 1 year of siege and was considered as the Ottoman’s last military success. With the conquest of Cyprus south Anatolia and east Mediterranean were secured. The Anatolian Turcs were settled the island.

The Battle of Lepanto (Inebahti) (1571)

The Spanish and Venetian naval forces under Don Juan of Austria met with the Ottoman navy . The Ottoman navy was destroyed in the greatest battle ever fought on the Mediterranean. The battle of Lepanto is considered as the decline of the Ottomans as the dominant sea power of the Mediterranean.

After the battle Beylerbeyi Uluc Ali Pasha saved the ships under his command and took them to Istanbul which was, then, honoured with the title of “ kaptan-i derya” , the grand captain.

The navy reconstructed after the disastrous defeat and Tunisia was recaptured from the Spanish navy in 1574.

Selim II died in 1574 after the 8 years of reign

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