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MEHMET II (Fatih, The Conquerer) (1451-1481)

Trained and educated intensely, Mehmet II executed his brother after he took over the throne. Therefore, the custom started by Bayezid I continued. The siege of Constantinople was Mehmet II’s primary duty so he built a magnificent fortress, called “Rumelihisari” facing “Anadolu Hisari” built by his great grand father, Bayezid I, functioning as easy communication between Asian and European side. The Rumelihisari was 10 km away from Constantinople’s harbour the “Golden Horn”.

Before the conquest, the Ottomans advanced from the politic situation both in Anatolia and the Balkans. They maintained their relation with Memluks and Karamanids accepted the Ottoman’s suzerainty. They made commercial contracts with Venetians and Genoese and sent forces to Mora and Balkans in order to prevent help from Europe.

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