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Ottoman Russia Relations

Ottoman-Russia Relations and the Battle of Prut (1711)

The growing military and economic power of Russia was a threat for its neighbours. By eliminating the Ottomans on the Black Sea, Russia aimed to gain access to the Mediterranean through the Ottoman controlled Bosphorus and Dardanelles. Russia also desired to be the dominant figure for the Orthodoxies in Balkans. In order to secure access to warm-water ports, Russia chose Baltic Sea as well which disquieted the Kingdom of Sweden. The battle of Poltova (1709) ended with the defeat of Sweden. The Swedish King Charles XII requested protection from the Ottomans. With the king’s provocation against Russia and Romania’s rebellion against Ottomans with the support of Russia, the Battle of Prut started under the command of Baltaci Mehmet Pasha –aiming to regain the losses of the Treaty of Istanbul. Czar Peter I requested treaty.

According to the Treaty of Prut of 1711;

Ottomans recovered the fortress of Azov

Russians stopped to position a consulate in Istanbul

The king of Sweden was extradited back to his country

The treaty raised Ottoman’s faith to regain the losses. Encouraged with this idea the Ottoman navy captured Morea defeating the navy of Venice.

The guarantor of Karlowitz, Austria gave ultimatum to the Ottomans to leave Mora. The Ottomans rejected and entered to the Hungary under the command of the grand-vizier Silahtar Ali Pasha. The vizier was killed at Petervaradin close to Karlowitz and the Ottoman army had to move back to Belgrade. Austrians took Belgrade and Temesvar, the capital of the Ottoman’s last province and the Ottomans under the command of vizier Nevsehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha requested a treaty.

According to the Treaty of Pasarofca(1720)

North Serbia, Belgrade, Banat and West Romania were ceded to Austria

The Ottomans recovered Mora

Some fortresses on the shores of Albania and Herzegovina were given to Venice

After the treaty the Ottomans changed their strategy to defence rather than conquer.

Ottoman-Persia relations

The Ottomans advantaging from the political and religious sects’ chaos in Persia entered through the Caucassus, azerbeijan and Iraq and recovered tiflis, Hiy, Gence, Kirmanshah

Tebris and Hemedan . When Tshmasb II enthroned he took back Hemedan and Tebris from the Ottomans.

The Rebellion of Patrona Halil

High taxes and the poverty of people resulted with the rebellion of tradesmen and janissaries’ rebellion. The vizier Nevsehirli Damat Ibrahim Pasha was punished and Ahmet III was dethroned.

The years between 1718-1730 were referred as “Tulip Period”, a time of good taste, progress in literature and arts influenced by Baroque style and the introduction of the printing house of Ibrahim Muteferrika.

MAHMUT I (1730-1754)

After the bloody rebellion Patrona Halil convinced the court for various positions in administration and used the power in favour of himself and around. In 1731, he was executed by Mahmut I.

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