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Ottoman Persia Wars

Ottoman- Persian Wars (1578-1590)

The new successor Shah Ismail II announced that he didn’t recognise the conditions of Treaty of Amasya in 1555 and violated the borders with the death of Shah Tahmasb.

Ottomans needed Crimea’s military support, therefore the land connection for the eastern campaigns. With the idea of Capturing Caucasus, Russia’s progress through the south would be prevented. Consequently, the commanders Lala Mustapha Pasha and Osman Pasha attacked Iran. Safevids were defeated and the biggest Caucasus city Tiflis was taken after the battle in Cildir field in 1578.

Wars with he Persians continued for 12 years. With the request of the Persians Ferhat Pasha Treaty (Istanbul) was signed in 1590. According to the treaty; Georgia, Sirvan, Tabriz, Karabag and Dagistan remained Ottoman lands. The Ottomans reached to the largest borders in the east.

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