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Ottoman Iran Wars

Ottoman –Iran Wars (1603- 1611)

The wars continued bitterly from the time of Mehmet III. Shah Abbas II took Azerbaijan and Caucasus. But the Ottomans were focused primarily on the Iran war. So Shah Abbas preferred to make a treaty with the grand-vizier Nasuh Pasha.

According to the Treaty of Nasuh Pasa (1611); the lands taken by the Ottomans by the Treaty of Ferhat Pasa were given to Iran. Iran agreed to give 2 hundred camel load of silk every year which was broken by the Iranians and caused a new Ottoman-Iran war.

Ahmet I died in 1617 while the Iranian war was still continuing.

Ottoman-Habsburg (Austria) Wars

When the fortresses of Estragon and Visegrad were recaptured by the Ottomans in 1605, Moldavia, Wallachia and the vassal state of Transylvania recognised the Ottoman’s suzerainty once again. ERDEL Bey(ruler), Bocka announced as the King of Hungary by the vizier Lala Mehmet Pasha. Austria which had lost its supporters requested a treaty in 1606.

According to the Treaty of Zsitva-Torok (Zitvatoruk) (1606)

The fortresses of Egri, Estragon and Kanije were ceded to the Ottomans.

The payment of the annual thirty thousand ducats tribute of Habsburgs, which was agreed in the Treaty of Istanbul in 1533 discontinued.

Habsburg accepted to pay war indemnity. However, Habsburg king would be equal as an Ottoman sultan.

The treaty of Zsitva-Torok is the sign of the Ottoman’s political weakness

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