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BAYEZID I (Yildirim) (1389-1402)

Just after the death of Murat I, Bayezid I became the ruler of the Ottomans. He killed his brother Yakup and, therefore, started the blood for the heir.

He made a treaty with the Serbian Prince, Lazarovich. According to this treaty, Serbians would pay taxes and support Ottomans campaigns in Anatolia. Also the progress in the Balkans continued during the times of Bayezid I with the captures of Uskup, Thessaloniki and Bulgaria’s capital Tirnova. Istanbul was first besieged in 1391 and once again in 1395. He built a castle on the Anatolian side of Constantinople in order to control the ships to/from the city and stop aid from the Black Sea. Bayyezid I stopped the siege when Byzantine Emperor Yuannis accepted to pay taxes and a Turkish quarter in Constantinople

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