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NAYEZID II (1481 – 1512)

When Mehmet II died, Bayezid II had to struggle with Syehzade Cem for the throne. Cem announced his sultanate in Bursa while Bayezid II in Istanbul. Cem offered the participation of the Ottoman’s land, and objected by Bayezid II. The two forces met at Yenisehir, around Bursa. Cem was defeated. Cem first protected by Karamanid Kasim Bey who was trying to recreate his principality, then the Knights of St. John.

Bayezid II agreed with the knights not to release Cem by giving yearly tax. The knights transported Cem first to France, then turned him over to the Pope. Pope offered Cem his aid to unseat his brother if he accepts Christianity. Cem rejected and died in Naples in 1495 while in exile.

AS Bayezid II was in struggle with his brother and in the fear of losing the throne during 15 years, the occupation policy of his father slowed down.

In 1499 he conquered Inebahti and took the castles of Modon, Koron and Navarin. He made a successful naval war against Venetians between 1499-1503. He established the Ottoman’s naval supremacy in the Mediterranean and controlled the Black Sea to the city of Crimea.

In 1512, he was forced to leave the throne to his youngest son, Selim I, supported by the Janissaries.

Bayezid II died during his voyage to Dimetoka and was buried in Istanbul by his son, next to the mosque of his name.

His generosity to more than 100.000 Jews who were driven from Spain by letting them live in the Ottoman lands made him called as “the Saint”, in Turkish “Veli”

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