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Egypt Rebellion

Egypt Rebellion

As an Ottoman officer, Kavalali Mehmet Ali re-established an effective control of Egypt after the French Seizure in 1801 and was designated as Mehmet Ali “Pasha”, semi-independent ruler of Egypt by the sultan in 1805. In fact Mehmet Ali Pasha had supported the sultan during the Greek war, he was not rewarded. Therefore, he invaded Syria and the army commanded by Mehmet Ali Pasha’s son, Ibrahim Pasha, reached Kutahya –inside Anatolia. Mahmut II requested aid from Russia and the Russian navy came to Istanbul, which had created an international crisis. Britain and France intervened to mediate and Mehmet Ali Pasha was forced to withdraw to Syria. The Ottomans accepted to sign both the Treaty of Kutahya with Mehmet Ali Pasha and the “Treaty of Hunkar Iskelesi” in order to guarantee the continuation of Russia’s support in 1823.

As to the Treaty of Kutahya Mehmet Ali Pasha designated as the Governor of Sam in addition to Egypt and Crete; Ibrahim Pasha was positioned as the governor of Jeddah and had right to collect the taxes of Adana.

Mahmut II in doubt of possible rebellion of Mehmet Ali Pasha in future, signed the 8-year “Treaty of Hunkar Iskelesi”.

According to the treaty;

Russians accepted military support to the Ottomans in case of any attack.

The straits were to be closed to other powers’ naval forces on Russian demand.

While the Ottomans fought a new battle with Mehmet Ali Pasha and were again defeated at Nizip, Mahmut II died and his son Abdulmecid I ascended the throne in 1839.

ABDULMECID I (1838-1861)

As the continuation to promote the modernisation and reform of the institutions that by definition “Westernisation”, Abdulmecid I inaugurated the “Tanzimat” on November 3, 1839 at Gulhane Park, also named as “Gulhane-hatti-Humayunu” (Royal edict of the Rose Chamber)

Tanzimat, the reorganisation, was prepared by European educated foreign minister Mustafa Resit Pasha that promised an end to corruption in government and equality.

London Convention of 1840

According to the Convention it was agreed that Mehmet Ali Pasha was hereditary ruler of Egypt under ottoman sovereignty. The governance of Syria, Crete and Adana left to the Ottomans.

Mehmet Ali Pasha did not accept the conditions but could not react the British and Austrian forces in Beirut.

The “Straits” Protocol (1841)

The Protocol was signed between Britain, France, Russia, Austria and the Ottomans, clarifying that the Ottomans had right to close the straits to warships of all powers and the straits were in totally Ottoman control

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