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British Settlement In Egypt

British Settlement in Egypt

Egypt Governor (Hidiv) Ismail Pasha borrowed money from Britain and France. His inability to pay back led to their intervention in Egypt’s both economic and political affairs.

Consequently, the people of Egypt under the leadership of Ahmet Urabi (Arabi) Pasha took the administration. Britain responded to the uprising by occupying Egypt temporarily in 1882. The Ottomans requested a treaty in 1885 as any military response to Britain would be ineffective. According to the Treaty of Istanbul, the Ottomans and British governments accepted to send high officers one each in order to assist Governor (Hidiv) of Egypt. The treaty proved officially British existence in Egypt. The conditions of the treaty did not go into effect. Britain left its general politics on protecting the Ottoman lands’ integrity and captured Egypt after the World War I.

Ottomans became allied with Germany after Britain’s change of its politics.

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