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Balkan War

Balkan War I (1912-1913)

While the Ottoman army was exhausted from the war at Tripoli, the independent countries in Balkans namely Greece, Bulgaria , Serbia and Karadag declared war to the Ottomans. As the Ottomans’ many units were demobilized after Russia’s peace guarantee, the Balkan War I was a great failure for the Ottomans that had to defend various borders. Bulgarian forces reached to Catalca of Thrace and Greece annexed Thessaloniki. Albania announced its freedom after Balkan War I.

Balkan War II

After the Balkan War I Serbia, Greece and Romania quarrelled with Bulgaria concerning the participation of lands taken in Balkan War I. Profited from the chaotic situation in Balkans, the Ottoman army declared war on Bulgaria. The Ottoman forces saved Edirne and reached to the Meric river.

The Treaty of Istanbul was signed after the Balkan War II. As to the treaty;

Edirne and Kirklareli were ceded to the Ottomans

Kavala and Dedeagac were handed over Bulgaria

The Meric River became the border between the parties

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